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Some Thoughts on Jurassic World (And Its Inevitable Sequel)

Is Jurassic World a perfect movie? Not by a long shot but I haven’t had that much fun in a movie theater since I saw….uhhhh….OK, Mad Max: Fury Road last month. I loved every totally ridiculous fan-servicing second of this … Continue reading

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An Obituary For an Extraordinary Cat

I first spotted Danger Cat climbing around on the roof of the student house across the street from our apartment in the spring of 2012. My first thought: “what kind of a maniac would allow their kitten to run around … Continue reading

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A Shop Cat in De 9 Straatjes

De 9 Straatjes (“The Nine Streets”) is a series of side streets in Amsterdam lined with boutiques, restaurants and places where you can pay 60 Euros for a haircut. It’s all totally adorable. Tourists and locals alike go there to … Continue reading

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Mutant Minnie Mouses, Strange Clowns and Songs About Blood – Eels @ the Paradiso, April 1st, 2013

What defines a great rock show? For me, it’s not so much the music as it is the enthusiasm and passion of the band on stage. I’ve seen some shows that have been brilliant, on the musical level, but completely … Continue reading

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The Furballs of Leiden

There’s plenty of familiar faces in the historic center of Leiden. The butcher, the baker and the…yeah, there’s probably a candlestick maker around here somewhere. There’s also plenty of furry faces that are always hanging around. Here’s just a few … Continue reading

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BioShock Meets Alice in Wonderland

“BioShock Meets Alice in Wonderland” = the best analogy I can think of to describe the incredibly weird exhibit that invaded Leiden’s Lakenhal Museum a few months ago. Titled Pearls in the Arts, it integrates the museum’s existing galleries with … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Rundown on Every Olympics Mascot Ever

Rejected articles. They’re an unpleasant drawback that comes with trying to make a living as a freelance writer. For reasons ranging from miscommunication to tight deadlines to a million other reasons, or some combination thereof, every once in a while … Continue reading

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