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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 9 – Where Did Antwerp Get Its Name?

And here’s # 9 in the series. Where did Antwerp get its name? Well, it’s a long story involving giants and severed hands. No, really.

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The Stuff of Cadbury-Fueled Nightmares

My parents’ dog with the Easter Bunny or a scene from David Lynch’s new movie? Anybody care to take a guess? Ok, I’ll level with you. It’s the pooch. This photo was taken at Lexi Dog’s Boutique & Social Club (no, seriously, … Continue reading

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 8 – Stick vs. a Dutch Canal

And here’s the eighth installment in the series. They just keep rolling along. In this one, I throw a stick into a frozen canal in the Netherlands. Exciting, no?

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 7 – A Weird Toy Shop in Amsterdam

Here’s part 7 in the “Europe in Three Minutes or Less.” In this one, I visit an incredibly weird toy shop in Amsterdam.

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