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Generation WTF?

A few years ago, a colleague of mine boarded a plane from Portland to San Francisco, the first leg of a journey to Paris. She found herself sitting next to an elderly American woman who asked her why she was … Continue reading

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Not For the Faint of Heart…or Stomach

A friend of mine once said that the only thing he would never eat is a kitten. He admitted this at a pub in Portland a few years back. It was well after midnight and our table had completely run … Continue reading

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In the Red: A Look at Prague’s Museum of Communism

While touring Prague last spring, I kept coming across cheeky advertisements for the Museum of Communism. One featured a painting of a defiant Vladimir Lenin beside the words “We’re Above McDonalds and across from Benetton. Viva la Imperalism!” After checking … Continue reading

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Alternative Uses for Cadbury Creme Eggs, Phase One

On Sunday, I made some pancakes. They didn’t turn out so hot. There they sat on my plate, two of the saddest, little pancakes I’d ever done seen. I mean, look at these things. The mere sight of them is … Continue reading

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 25 – Fun Facts About the Blarney Castle

Did you know that the Blarney Castle in Ireland was built by American author Cormac McCarthy? And that he installed a “murder hole” so he could ward off unwanted visitors like Bono and Margaret Thatcher? IT’S TRUE! Click the “play” … Continue reading

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