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Deep in the Heart, er, Bowels of Texas

It’s the middle of Texas’ driest year on record and a group of yapping spectators are gathered around a pool table in a windowless honkey-tonk on Austin’s Burnet Road. With sweating bottles of Lone Star in one hand and red … Continue reading

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Why You Should Never Order a Black & Tan in Ireland

On the rugged western coastline of Ireland there lies the village of Portmagee. This small community consists of a small, main drag lined with pubs and shops along with a scattering of houses down some side streets. It also serves … Continue reading

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Another Stunning Breakthrough in the Field of German Engineering

See this? Do you know what it is? Look closer. Think about it for a second. I can imagine you sitting there, thinking, “Ok, what is this thing?” Then, a moment or two later, it dawns on you and a … Continue reading

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