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Just Another Thursday Night in Leiden

This is how the locals spend their Thursday nights. No, really. They get dressed up in bondage gear, put on some thunderous techno and terrorize their neighbors with bizarre pyrotechnic displays on barges in the middle of otherwise calm canals. … Continue reading

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La Merce Part 1 – What Goes Up…

After attending my first La Merce this past weekend, I’ve come to this conclusion: more regional celebrations should include dancing statues, human towers and insane, satanic parades. The annual festival in Barcelona is a crazy mix of Catalan civic pride, fireworks, blunderbuss guns and an … Continue reading

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 17 – A Trip to a Dutch Park

This one’s more interesting than you might think. It has deer! And an odd tea house!

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Rise of the Machines

Leiden, my current port of call, is known for both its university and its museums. Possibly the weirdest one in town is the Boerhaave. Located in a 16th century nunnery turned plague hospital turned mental asylum, this museum is devoted entirely … Continue reading

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A Weird Night in Bloemendaal

Bloemendaal is one of the wealthiest communities in the Netherlands. Its streets are windy and lined with houses that are attached several million Euro price-tags. You can tell it’s a ritzy place because, among other things, the people who live … Continue reading

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What TV Commercials Look Like in the South of France

Things get really interesting at the 1:35 mark. Click and see for yourself.

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The Rundown

Over the past year, I’ve attempted to make a serious attempt at attempting to become a freelance writer. Because me make words nice, no? Here’s an unceremonious, and incomplete, list of articles that have appeared in recent months with my … Continue reading

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