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Wasteful Worship

Deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, down a quiet suburban street, there lies a folk art cathedral like no other. Now that I think about it though, I don’t know if folk art cathedrals are a thing. Let me … Continue reading

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In Praise of Portland Hipsters

Allow me to defend the hipster hoards. I spent a decade of my adult life among them. At passing glance, they come across as “holier than thou” and arrogant douchebags; skinny jeans and ironic sunglasses and emaciated skin over brittle, … Continue reading

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A Comprehensive Rundown on Every Olympics Mascot Ever

Rejected articles. They’re an unpleasant drawback that comes with trying to make a living as a freelance writer. For reasons ranging from miscommunication to tight deadlines to a million other reasons, or some combination thereof, every once in a while … Continue reading

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Tales From De Wallen, Episode 1

Here’s the first, and no doubt last, installment of a comic strip series I’ve created titled “Tales From De Wallen.” The following could probably use some context. I was hiking back to Amsterdam Centraal last Saturday afternoon, completely oblivious to … Continue reading

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