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A Comprehensive Rundown on Every Olympics Mascot Ever

Rejected articles. They’re an unpleasant drawback that comes with trying to make a living as a freelance writer. For reasons ranging from miscommunication to tight deadlines to a million other reasons, or some combination thereof, every once in a while … Continue reading

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Deep in the Heart, er, Bowels of Texas

It’s the middle of Texas’ driest year on record and a group of yapping spectators are gathered around a pool table in a windowless honkey-tonk on Austin’s Burnet Road. With sweating bottles of Lone Star in one hand and red … Continue reading

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La Merce Part 1 – What Goes Up…

After attending my first La Merce this past weekend, I’ve come to this conclusion: more regional celebrations should include dancing statues, human towers and insane, satanic parades. The annual festival in Barcelona is a crazy mix of Catalan civic pride, fireworks, blunderbuss guns and an … Continue reading

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