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The Whitewashing of the Red Light

Quartier Putain is just one of the many examples of how Amsterdam is trying to essentially erase its status as Europe’s Sin City. Recent city initiatives like Project 1012 have shuttered several of its iconic prostitute windows and continue to … Continue reading

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10 Moody Snapshots From Rollende Keukens 2014

Nothing more, nothing less…

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Trans-Europe Express: A Tour of the Netherlands’ Best Food Carts

At last count, over 500 food carts can be found within the borders of my hometown of Portland, OR. When I was still living there, I made routine trips to ones like Big-Ass Sandwich, Koi Fusion, Bangkok Duck and Chicken, … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Roof Bunny

Ahhhh, autumn in Holland. The leaves are changing color, the air takes on a soft bite and the entire country adopts a golden hue. The Leidse Hout is a wonderful place to take a walk this time of…yea…WAIT….WAIT…WAIT! HOLD IT! … Continue reading

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 17 – A Trip to a Dutch Park

This one’s more interesting than you might think. It has deer! And an odd tea house!

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Stumptown Coffee Goes Abroad…

One night last winter, I was heading through de Pijp, a neighborhood in Amsterdam. The area is best known for the Albert Cuyp Market, a humongous outdoor smörgåsbord  of commerce where you can find everything from tulips to fish to cheap … Continue reading

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