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A Horribly Stupid Thing to Do When You’ve Got a Jeep Full of Very Scary Gangbangers Riding Your Bumper: 72 Hours or So in Ohio

A while back, I spent three days in Ohio. Why? How dare you ask such a question! Ohio is a land of enchantment! It’s one of America’s most vibrant and exciting places. It’s cultural milestones…..ok, I’m lying. When it comes … Continue reading

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 24 – Walking on Ice-shine

And now it’s all gone. It’s amazing what a few hours of rain and milder temperatures can do to a frozen canal.

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The Land of the Ice and Snow

I was born and raised in Portland, OR. so I’m pretty accustomed to the madness that ensues whenever a relatively warm region gets slammed with serious winter weather. Back in December of 2008, the city was hit by a storm … Continue reading

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