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The Goonies Was Released 30 Years Ago? Crikey!

I wound up in a discussion on Facebook earlier this week that consisted of various people discussing the merits of The Goonies versus Stand By Me. Both movies were filmed in the ’80s and focused on foul-mouthed Oregon kids going off on … Continue reading

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Attention Vampire Fans and Appreciators of Overdressed Ghouls in General!

Are you tired of what passes quality vampiric entertainment lately? Do you find True Blood impossibly dumb? Do the tedious antics of the Twilight twits make you want to drive a stake through their heads? Then I’ve got the movie for … Continue reading

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Why I Wound Up Buying a Toshiba Ultrabook: An Epic Tale of Epic Woe and Epic-er Frustration

It’s been a while. Sorry about that. I spent the holidays in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. One of the things that I absolutely had to do while I was in town was to buy a new laptop. My former … Continue reading

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Oscar Predictions, 2013 Edition

This is my third straight winter in the Netherlands and the third straight winter that I won’t be able to watch the telecast of The Academy Awards. If there’s a station that airs it live over here, the show won’t … Continue reading

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The 2012 American Presidential Election, German-Style

CNN could learn a thing or three from ZDF. The German TV station’s election night coverage has so far featured live interviews with dogs in Washington DC, a diner-themed bar on the stage, newscasters chugging beer,  a blogger pundit with … Continue reading

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An Interview With Neil Gaiman

Way back in the winter of 2009, I had the opportunity to interview author/geek legend Neil Gaiman while he was in Portland to promote a film adaptation of his creepy novel Coraline. I later posted it on Another Portland Blog, the … Continue reading

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Wasteful Worship

Deep in the heart of Austin, Texas, down a quiet suburban street, there lies a folk art cathedral like no other. Now that I think about it though, I don’t know if folk art cathedrals are a thing. Let me … Continue reading

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