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A Polisher of Lamps

                                                                         Istanbul, 2011

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Waiting for Meloy…

Back in March, my gal-pal “M” and I caught The Decemberists at Paradiso in Amsterdam. It’s an amazing music venue, probably my favorite on the planet, housed inside an old church. Stained glass windows still hang over the stage, the acoustics are … Continue reading

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Feeding the Trolls

Are you looking for a quick, easy way to drive yourself absolutely insane? Well, speaking from experience, I can tell you that trying to create a Wikipedia article for a radio show with questionable notability is one way to place … Continue reading

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Europe in Three Minutes or Less # 11 – Smoke Pong

   The 11th entry in the series takes a look at “Smoke Pong,” a video game that was featured in an art exhibit in Amsterdam last winter.

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An Interview With Hutch Harris of The Thermals

Back in March, I had the good fortune to interview Hutch Harris of The Thermalsfor a nifty English magazine in the Netherlands called Unfold. Released biweekly, each issue “unfolds” to reveal a poster as the reader makes their way through the magazine. … Continue reading

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The Family That Shoots Machine Guns Together….

A friend of mine recently spent some time in Las Vegas. She returned and lamented what the place has become. A quick paraphrasing of her comments. “There wasn’t a sign of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson to be found anywhere.”  I’ve … Continue reading

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