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Another Perspective on the Dutch Monarchy

Tomorrow, April 30th, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will abdicate and turn over her throne to her son, Willem-Alexander. Since announcing her decision back in January, there’s been, roughly, 10 thousand articles in the Dutch media about it and no less … Continue reading

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Are You a Man or a Muppet? The Problem With Restaurants These Days

Have you ever wondered what an 18 Euro breakfast burrito looks like? Well, here you go… Over the weekend, I found myself in the middle of a Twitter bickerfest with Jason Hartley, the culinary guru behind Lovefood, a restaurant located in … Continue reading

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In Praise of Portland Hipsters

Allow me to defend the hipster hoards. I spent a decade of my adult life among them. At passing glance, they come across as “holier than thou” and arrogant douchebags; skinny jeans and ironic sunglasses and emaciated skin over brittle, … Continue reading

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Generation WTF?

A few years ago, a colleague of mine boarded a plane from Portland to San Francisco, the first leg of a journey to Paris. She found herself sitting next to an elderly American woman who asked her why she was … Continue reading

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Scenes From the Occupation

I should be a huge, unquestioning advocate of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the autumn of 2009, my career abruptly came to an end when my company, about to wrap up yet another unprecedentedly successful quarter, announced that it was going … Continue reading

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The Horrors of 3 Oktober, a Rant in L Minor

I’ve been in Las Vegas on a Friday night. I’ve found myself in the middle of drunken riots on more than one occasion. I’ve been to Burning Man twice and I’ve happily bounced around in the spark showers at La Merce. … Continue reading

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