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The Whitewashing of the Red Light

Quartier Putain is just one of the many examples of how Amsterdam is trying to essentially erase its status as Europe’s Sin City. Recent city initiatives like Project 1012 have shuttered several of its iconic prostitute windows and continue to … Continue reading

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Showgirls is a serious drama!

This morning, one of the Dutch channels was airing a chat with John Wilson, the founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards. The interviewer decided to grill him about Showgirls, the super-campy film directed by Netherlands native Paul Verhoeven. The interview couldn’t … Continue reading

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Dirty Postcards

I went on my first trip to Europe in the autumn of 2007. My friend Dan lent me his REI backpack for the journey and, to return the favor, I sent him a dirty postcard from every country I visited. … Continue reading

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Tales From De Wallen, Episode 2

So this whole thing has survived long enough to see a second installment. Huzzah! Here’s some context for the following. I was walking around Amsterdam several Saturdays back when I spotted a group of college-aged gents walking towards me, laughing, … Continue reading

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Tales From De Wallen, Episode 1

Here’s the first, and no doubt last, installment of a comic strip series I’ve created titled “Tales From De Wallen.” The following could probably use some context. I was hiking back to Amsterdam Centraal last Saturday afternoon, completely oblivious to … Continue reading

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The Perils of Public Nudity: European Edition

Spas/saunas are popular here in the Netherlands but they’re quite a bit different than the ones you’ll find in the states. First off, men actually frequent them and they’re not a haven exclusively for women in search of a few hours … Continue reading

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Infinite Jest Will Set You Free….But Not Until It’s Finished With You

On December 22nd, the first day of winter, I set out to resolve some “unfinished business.”  I decided it was time to finally read David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest from cover to cover. I had attempted this feat twice prior, … Continue reading

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