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Another Perspective on the Dutch Monarchy

Tomorrow, April 30th, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands will abdicate and turn over her throne to her son, Willem-Alexander. Since announcing her decision back in January, there’s been, roughly, 10 thousand articles in the Dutch media about it and no less … Continue reading

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Five Snapshots From the Amsterdam Light Festival

Nothing less, nothing more but click here for additional information about the festival. Happy holidays, y’all!  

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The 2012 American Presidential Election, German-Style

CNN could learn a thing or three from ZDF. The German TV station’s election night coverage has so far featured live interviews with dogs in Washington DC, a diner-themed bar on the stage, newscasters chugging beer,  a blogger pundit with … Continue reading

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An Interview With Neil Gaiman

Way back in the winter of 2009, I had the opportunity to interview author/geek legend Neil Gaiman while he was in Portland to promote a film adaptation of his creepy novel Coraline. I later posted it on Another Portland Blog, the … Continue reading

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Alternative Uses for Cadbury Creme Eggs, Phase One

On Sunday, I made some pancakes. They didn’t turn out so hot. There they sat on my plate, two of the saddest, little pancakes I’d ever done seen. I mean, look at these things. The mere sight of them is … Continue reading

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Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

New Year’s Eve is a big deal here in the Netherlands. I don’t think it’s a stretch to describe the holiday as the Dutch-equivalent of the Fourth of July. Every year, fireworks officially go on sale a few days before … Continue reading

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The Ten Worst Christmas Songs of All Tim…er, Recorded Since 1979

By now you’ve probably seen this XKCD comic strip, which has been making the rounds this holiday season. Not only does it take a crack at Boomer nostalgia, it points out the fact that Christmas songs recorded after the 1970s don’t … Continue reading

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