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Nineteen Snapshots From the Annual Japanese Market in Leiden

Every May, the¬†SieboldHuis Museum hosts a market in downtown Leiden devoted to all things Nihongo. Here’s some photos from this year’s edition…

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Toy Story, er…Typewriter Story

Overlooking all the social cliques, there were two types of kids in my elementary school: those with cable and those without. I don’t know what your thoughts are when it comes to kids and exposure to violent movies. My parents … Continue reading

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In the Red: A Look at Prague’s Museum of Communism

While touring Prague last spring, I kept coming across cheeky advertisements for the Museum of Communism. One featured a painting of a defiant Vladimir Lenin beside the words “We’re Above McDonalds and across from Benetton. Viva la Imperalism!” After checking … Continue reading

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