The Rundown

Over the past year, I’ve attempted to make a serious attempt at attempting to become a freelance writer. Because me make words nice, no? Here’s an unceremonious, and incomplete, list of articles that have appeared in recent months with my byline….

The Huffington Post UK:

Smoke ‘Em if You’ve Got ‘Em: Why the Netherlands is Rethinking its Marijuana Policies, September

Amsterdam Magazine:

The Ten: Outdoor Markets, September

Wet Your Whistle: Wynand Fockink, September

The Ten: Amsterdam’s Best Gay Bars, August

Wet Your Whistle: De Zotte, August

 The Ten: Outdoor Art in Amsterdam, May

The Ten: Queen’s Day Tips, April

Wet Your Whistle: Cafe Finch, March

Unfold Magazine

Shonen Knife, August

Interview: Bear Damen of Non Records, July

Interview: The Thermals, April

The Decemberists at the Paradiso, March

I Am Expat

How I Got Back Into the Netherlands, August

Life in the TWIKE Lane, July

How NOT to Get Kicked Out of the Netherlands Part 3, June

How NOT to Get Kicked Out of the Netherlands Part 2, May

How NOT to Get Kicked Out of the Netherlands Part 1, May

Good Life Report

America’s Best Beer Gardens, September

On the Half Shell, August

Bubble in Paradise, July

Pedaling Through Oregon, June

One for One, May

In Search of the Holy Grail (of Beer), March

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