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A Quick Look at Tim Burton’s “Long Lost” Hansel & Gretel

Back in the early ’80s, Tim Burton directed a short adaptation of Hansel and Gretel for The Disney Channel. It was considered so weird and disturbing that it aired only once; late on Halloween night in 1983, or so the … Continue reading

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The 2012 American Presidential Election, German-Style

CNN could learn a thing or three from ZDF. The German TV station’s election night coverage has so far featured live interviews with dogs in Washington DC, a diner-themed bar on the stage, newscasters chugging beer,  a blogger pundit with … Continue reading

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The Wine, Women and Smokers of Cologne

Perhaps more so than any other country in Europe, Christmas is huge in Germany. Gigantic markets devoted to the holiday can be found in nearly every city between Hamburg and Lindau, all of them offering visitors things like exotic meats, … Continue reading

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Another Stunning Breakthrough in the Field of German Engineering

See this? Do you know what it is? Look closer. Think about it for a second. I can imagine you sitting there, thinking, “Ok, what is this thing?” Then, a moment or two later, it dawns on you and a … Continue reading

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Living in Pseudo-America

I spent Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. Well, to be more specific, I spent the weekend in a strange, faux-United States in the rural district of Kaiserslautern, Germany. If you ever find yourself in the area, and know a member … Continue reading

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