Showgirls is a serious drama!

This morning, one of the Dutch channels was airing a chat with John Wilson, the founder of the Golden Raspberry Awards. The interviewer decided to grill him about Showgirls, the super-campy film directed by Netherlands native Paul Verhoeven.

The interview couldn’t figure out why Wilson and his crew gave the movie the 1996 award for Worst Film of the Year. An excerpt from their conversation (not verbatim).

INTERVIEWER: “In my country, we understood that Showgirls was a serious satire all about Las Vegas, Hollywood and the sex industry…”

WILSON: “Really? With all those boobs and bad dialog flying around at a million miles a second?”

INTERVIEWER: “Yes. A lot of Dutch people thought that you Americans just didn’t get what Verhoeven was trying to accomplish.”

Then the editors cheekily cut to a clip of Verhoeven accepting the award with good humor. Did Dutch audiences really take that movie seriously back in the ’90s? Sure, there’s plenty of satire in there but it’s shrouded by some of the most ridiculous dialog and acting ever seen in a major Hollywood film.

I really wish I had the clip to post but here’s the trailer for Showgirls instead…

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