15 Snapshots From Rollende Keukens 2013

This past weekend marked Rollende Keukens (“Rolling Kitchens”), one of the most popular annual festivals in Amsterdam. In fact, it’s become so popular that the place was jam-packed on Thursday night. I’m talking “Walmart on Black Friday at Midnight” packed.

Fortunately, the crowds and lines shrunk as the sun dipped closer to the horizon. My pick for this year’s best cart = The Cream Cheese Brothers. While the concept (The Blues Brothers + cheese = yum) was definitely, well, cheesy, their creations were actually pretty tasty. In addition to a Blues Mobile with a plaster cow attached to the roof, they also had a peculiar machine that spat out taco-like shells at a high velocity. It was a weapon…a WEAPON OF MASS DELICIOUSNESS.

Anyway, here’s some snapshots from the fest…



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