The World’s Best Graffiti Artists Can be Found in the Netherlands

Based on what I’ve seen during my travels, the NL is the ‘little country that can” when it comes to street art. The “graffiti,” stencils and prints that line streets in Amsterdam like the Spuistraat are nothing short of astounding. They’re also a far cry from the brainless, quickly scrawled tags that cover public structures from Los Angeles to Moscow.

The inhabitants of a squat here in Leiden routinely update a wall near a bike parking lot outside of the city’s train station with a series of often NSFW creations. One recurring character is a mad scientist, pictured below. His Human Centipede-inspired plot is one the most clever, and weird, things I’ve ever seen painted on the side of a building.

Other examples of Dutch graffiti, especially the Colonel Sanders parody also included below, are pure genius. I’m willing to argue that they deserve to be placed on a canvas and hung inside a modern art museum. It’s a shame that works like this are temporary and are often subjected to tagging or, worse yet, being painted over entirely.

But such is the nature of this sort of thing…



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In the mood for more? Here’s a gallery filled with additional snapshots….

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