Another Stunning Breakthrough in the Field of German Engineering

See this?

Do you know what it is?

Look closer.

Think about it for a second. I can imagine you sitting there, thinking, “Ok, what is this thing?” Then, a moment or two later, it dawns on you and a smile spreads across your face like Nutella on toast. Ok, I could have probably come up with a better metaphor than that but, eh, it’s what sprung to mind.

Anyway, I was skeptical at first myself. Could it be? Could the world be so wonderful as to allow something like *this* to actually exist? Allow me to break out an old hippie cliche. “We must be in heaven, man!”

Yes, indeed, what you see here is an advent calendar filled with beer. Possibly the best brews that Germany has to offer Or not. Who cares? IT’S AN ADVENT CALENDAR FILLED WITH BEER!  Therefore, it is brilliant and, clearly, a benchmark in the history of human civilization.

It should go without saying that this is the best thing to happen to advent calenders since some genius/scientist/elf in Santa’s workshop decided to start sticking chocolate in them. I spotted this brilliant combination of the best elements of organized religion and beverages at a small supermarket in Germany a few weeks ago. I’m sure you’re assuming that I bought every last one they had in stock but I’m ashamed to say I didn’t for a simple reason:

I didn’t have room in my suitcase for even one of them. Plus, I figured security at the Frankurt Airport wouldn’t allow me to take one onto a plane as a carry-on.  So I left the calendars behind for someone else to take home. Sigh….

The Germans have no idea how good they have it.

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