The Mysterious Roof Bunny

Ahhhh, autumn in Holland. The leaves are changing color, the air takes on a soft bite and the entire country adopts a golden hue. The Leidse Hout is a wonderful place to take a walk this time of…yea…WAIT….WAIT…WAIT! HOLD IT! HOW DID THAT BUNNY GET ON THE ROOF?!!! 

Marie and I were walking through this forested park here in Leiden a few evenings ago. A tea house with a thatch roof can be found near an enclosure for deer in the center. We were riding the swings, as you do, when Marie noticed something running around on the roof.

“Is that a….bunny,” she asked.

Sure enough, a floppy-eared rabbit had found itself on the roof and was bouncing around happily. When he noticed us staring at up at him, he gave us a disdainful look that seemed to say, “Yes, indeed, I am adorable and, yes, I am on a roof. This is what we Dutch bunnies do all the time, you foolish Americans! Now break out your iPhones and let’s get on with the proceedings. You know the drill as well as I. I suspect that the footage of my delightful scamperings will be online by twilight. Sigh…”

He had an air of dignity about him that’s usually reserved for animals in 19th century fairy-tales. You know, the kind that wear tweed jackets and smoke pipes beside stone fireplaces during their off hours.

The staff inside were shutting things down for the night and sprung into action once they realized what we were gawking at on their roof. One broke out a net. What ensued had all the makings of a lame joke. “How many Dutch tea house employees does it take to fetch one bunny?” Watch the video below to find out.

While two of them chased the rabbit around the roof in circles, another explained what had happened the night prior. A local group of teenagers broke into a nearby rabbit hutch and, for reasons unknown, released all the furry inhabitants.

He pointed out burn marks on the thatch over a window. He and his coworkers had spent the day rounding up rabbits while pouring tea and making toasties for customers. Worse yet, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. The teens struck a few weeks prior as well.

Still, the mystery remains: how did that bunny get on the roof?

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3 Responses to The Mysterious Roof Bunny

  1. M says:

    “The little brats also attempted to set the tea house on fire.”

    Well, not quite that extreme. They pulled out some of the thatch roof and made a fire with it. Still asshatish, but not full-on arson.

  2. I guess I missed that part. I will fix!

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