Delorean in Haarlem

Portland band Dolorean is currently on their first European tour. I managed to catch their set at a club in Haarlem last Thursday.

No, that’s not a typo. The name of the city is, indeed, “Haarlem,” or so I’m told.

It was a solid set and the crowd, with the exception of two Dutch guys who would not shut-up during the acoustic numbers, was supportive. My friend Marie attended Willamette with a member of the band and she managed to talk with him a bit before they went on stage.

Between sets, I started chatting with a local promoter who is a huge fan of both American baseball and Neil Young. He had a few beers in him and was buzzing on both the brew and the music. Between sets, he told us about his goal to visit every MLB stadium in the US and the thirty times he’s seen Young in concert. “I saw him do the Harvest Moon album in 1995, yes,” he said. “It was a night in the summer months and the moon rose up over Neil Young. It was amazing! I say to my girlfriend, ‘Look, it is a HARVEST MOON!'”

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